Breast Cancer Awareness: Why is Mammography So Important?

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Breast Cancer Awareness

How many of you are married? Does anyone here know a family member who has any breast problems? I hope everyone here knows what breast means. Does anyone have any girl or an old lady in their family with breast cancer? 

Are you aware of the term breast cancer?

Today we will be talking about breast cancer.  It is the most common cancer found in females. And it is very important for us to know the causes of breast cancer. Does anyone have any idea how do we know that we have breast cancer? When should we go to the doctor for a checkup? (inaudible) ‘blood in cough’ is a symptom of cancer. But it is not a symptom of breast cancer.

When there are lumps in the breast. 

Very good. This is the first thing to notice. When lumps are formed in the breast. And the vital thing to keep in mind is that these lumps do not hurt. Breastfeeding moms also experience lumps in their breasts, but those are not cancerous. That is an infection due to the blockage of milk. And these lumps hurt. 

So breast cancer lumps do not hurt. The age of the lady is mostly above 40. But nowadays, we see 30-year-old patients as well. This could be due to lifestyle choices. Nowadays, we see women of the age 35, 29, 38 come in with breast cancer. So it is crucial to examine our breasts for lumps. The earlier you diagnose it, the better it can be treated.  So for this, everyone one of you, every month, should check if you get bloody discharge from your nipples. If you see a blood-like discharge from your nipples, then you should consult a doctor at the earliest. 

So you should keep these things in mind: 

  • Lumps in the breast. 
  • Check for lumps that don’t hurt. We often overlook it as it does not hurt, but these lumps that don’t hurt are dangerous as they are cancerous. Therefore, it is best to diagnose it at an early stage. 
  • Blood-like discharge from the nipples. 

We should pay close attention to these three things. 

Why is Mammography so Important?

Now you know that you have a lump in your breast, but what should you do about it? First, you can consult a general physician near you. Consult a government hospital like PGI. Ultrasound and an X-ray are necessary. An X-ray for breast cancer is called Mammography. 

Mammography helps us determine if the patient has cancer or not.  It is very important. For ladies above the age of 40, it is very important to get periodic mammography or pap smear tests. As early diagnosis helps treat the problem better. Cancer is not incurable anymore. Timely treatment can save the patient and does not cause any harm in the future. 

Does anyone have any questions? 

So these two-three things I mentioned should be kept in mind. In order to take care of the family, we forget to take care of ourselves. Eat food on time, as it is important for nutrition. Anemia is very common in women because of menstruation and because of lack of nutrition. We feed the family and forget about our share, which is very wrong. 

You should make a habit of eating ‘gudd’ after eating food. Jaggery has iron. You should ‘gudd chana’. If you feel sick, get yourself treated as soon as possible. If you are healthy only then can you take care of others health. You can always contact us if there is a problem. We have our numbers here for you. You can contact us through the organizers. Our project ‘Raksha’ is all about protecting ladies and taking care of their health. 

But you have to help yourself first. If you have any problem you can go to Mr. Aditya, he can then connect you to us. We have a mammography facility available at our diagnostic center. We are associated with a few NGOs as well who treat people for free. There are Government facilities also available for the treatment.

There are a lot of ways we can help you, but first, you should have the feeling to get better.  If anyone else wants to ask anything? 

Thank you. 

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