Healthy lifestyle: Benefits of Healthy Diet

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Guru Manish Ji

Healthy lifestyle

Eating fruits can cure diabetes. Never eat food in a hurry. Always chew your food properly and choose a healthy lifestyle. 

Like you said earlier, one should eat fruits before breakfast. So my question is should we take fruits or salad? Which would have better results? 

You can eat both. But fruits definitely help better. Eating fruits for breakfast can cure diabetes. 

If we have breakfast at 8:30, so are we supposed to eat fruits at 7:30?

No. you must eat the fruits along with your breakfast.  Suppose you eat breakfast at 8:30 in the morning. Then eat a plate of fruits (in grams) ten times your weight. And then after you finish your plate of fruits you can eat your meals, whatever you want like Dalia, Parathe, Padoke, Roti Chawal, etc. there should be no gap between the two. You should eat Roti, Chawal, Dalia whatever, immediately after fruits. There should be no gap. 

Secondly, you said that the first part of the lunch should be salad. 

Yes. Your weight is multiplied by 5gms. For example, if you weigh 60 kgs then eat 300gms salad. You can also eat fruits and salad mixed. 

And for dinner? Dinner is the same as lunch. For dinner also you can eat a mix of fruits and salad, whatever is available at your home. But salad could give you better results. 

There are food items that increase (1:31). Like one should not eat radish at night. 

It’s only restricted for the nighttime, right? 

So we should eat by 7 pm?

I will now tell you certain things that apply to everyone. If you want to not fall ill or contract any disease, these things I will tell you would help. No matter what disease you have these tips would be helpful for you.  Always chew your food properly. Do not eat in a hurry no matter if you’re sick or not. If you adapt to this, your chances of falling ill would become very less. And if you are sick then you would start getting better. Never eat in a hurry. Always chew properly when you eat. And eat a small morsel of food. 

Now people always get confused about how big a bit they should take. The roti is only to fill the sabji in. and the bite of the roti should be the size of your thumbnail, i.e. 1cm x 1cm. And this tiny bite should be chewed 32 times. 

If you master this, then the enzymes in your mouth like the saliva, amylase, etc.(tainin, lypin). All these go into your stomach and provide nourishment in every bite. So you should always chew 32 times and take small bites.on days when you don’t feel good, you are angry, you had a fight, you cry or are under pressure, that day you should skip your meal. 

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