How to protect yourself from COVID-19?

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  • 4 years ago
Dr. J.P Singhvi

How to protect yourself from Covid -19?

If you want to prevent yourself from getting coronavirus, if you understand one thing i.e. how it spreads, most of the things could be taken care of.  When a sick person has a fever and coughs and whenever he sneezes, small droplets of saliva spread in the atmosphere. If you are in the spread range of the droplet i.e. 1-2 meters, if it settles on your face, on your eyes, or on your mouth then you can get infected. Either you go away from the person or you give him a mask. 

The second thing, these virus particles are very heavy, they don’t last in the atmosphere, they settle down. You should know where they settle down, they settle down on the surface of your laptop, knob, railing, clothes, pen, mobile phone, wherever. If somebody or you touch it knowingly or unknowingly. And what is the common thing which we see in a person? He touches his face, rubs his eyes, sometimes even pickles his nose as well. The hands are infected, if you do such an activity, you will get infected. 

So how to prevent them? One is if you know that the infected person has touched the surface or anything you should wash your hands. Washing hands does not mean only with water. Use soap or hand wash and wash your hands till here, for at least 20 seconds. 

The third thing is that the surface should be cleaned with soap, the virus does not last longer than 20-24 hours on the surface. So if you clean it with soap, most of the things would be taken care of.  The important thing now is, commonly we handshake people, the best thing is the namaste. This is the best way to prevent infection. Second important thing is, before you have your food, wash your hands. When You go to a public place and come back, wash your hands before any activity. And if you suspect that any of your family members are affected by this, do not use your common utensils, the plates, the spoons, and all. And also consult a doctor. There are so many people who will suggest you take this medicine, take this tablet, this ayurvedic, and this homeopathic, say no to all that. Because nothing is better than going to the doctor. Number two, the immunity of the person who has been infected, the majority who have serious illnesses are beyond 40-50 years, who are diabetic, suffering from chronic disease, or having low immunity, so you boost your immunity. It is common, that whose immunity is low, viral infection catches. 

How to improve your immunity? 

Eat vegetarian food. Get proper sleep. Yoga and pranayama. Add half a spoon of turmeric and a pinch of black pepper to your food.  All this will boost your immunity. 

If you think you are infected, do not panic. Because 90-95% of the immunity is good, it is a self-limiting disease.

Now how to take care of yourself and not spread it to others? Wear a mask. Any mask will do. You don’t have to go for an N95 mask. The mask you are wearing, if it is grossly contaminated then you can change it 2-3 times a day but never use the same mask the next day. Keep your clothes aside, have a proper hand wash, and consult your doctor, if they want to keep you in isolation, cooperate with the doctors. No antibiotic is going to help in this condition. So finally my request to all the people, going to crowded places like malls, theaters unnecessarily is not required. Be healthy, not worry about coronavirus, you know the precautions I have mentioned.

Thank you. 

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