Plantar Fasciitis(एड़ी का दर्द): Can plantar fasciitis go away?

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Plantar Fasciitis(एड़ी का दर्द): Can plantar fasciitis go away?

In this video SimpliHealth expert Dr. M.S Narula is talking about a very common OPD problem named Plantar Fasciitis(एड़ी का दर्द). This is a condition in which usually patients complain about pain in heels. This pain has a typical character when we wake up in the morning. When we get up from bed the first few steps, severe pain in the heel is observed. And as we start walking the pain recedes. It could be first thing in the morning or when we are sitting for a longer period or we are in a lie-down position and we get up from a chair or bed, initial or starting pain irritates us. 

This pain mostly occurs in the heel but it may go up to the calf and may reach to toes but mostly it is localized to the heel part. This is named plantar fasciitis. And it is so named because the heel has a soft tissue named fascia which covers the entire sole and gets inflamed. That’s why it is called plantar fasciitis.

So which people may be seen more, than anyone can but people who are walking barefoot, have a long-standing work, or those whose muscles are weak and those who do long-standing or walking for their occupation. Through the medium, then this could be the heel pan in them.

It has a history as I told you to get up in the morning and your pain is worse. This is mostly a clinical diagnostic, in which we do not need any investigations.   A doctor who is experienced in Orthopaedic surgeons does it immediately with diagnosis. Yes in X-ray we may see many times a small bony spur can be seen in it but under this is not mostly the cause it’s an inflammation of the phase and it is a clinical diagnosis.

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

Look, our plantar fascia, which is our sole, works like cushions, like our shock. When we walk, he puts our body weight on the heels all day. The heel is the shock absorber himself, who is made to protect the deep nerve, and he becomes informed. Like for me. Our pillow is the new one, nice and soft, fluffy, with the time that pillow flattens out.

In the same way, the one who is stuck in our heels, who is a fat bed, becomes soft inflamed and does not do its job properly. Its treatment at initial stages, we tell the patients that yes, I’m going to walk barefoot, which are your shoes, it should be very very soft, because if our own fat has been removed, then we give it an extra cushion, which is artificial. 

Silicone heel cushions come built-in. You put on sports shoes, daily soft-soled shoes. And don’t stand for too long, the initial stage and with small painkillers this thing which is inflammation becomes good. If he is not responding, then what do we do in such cases, call the patient ice and cold massage.

How it is done, you take a bottle of water, keep it in the fridge for a while and cool it, and take it out and roll it under your feet. What happens to it, you also have a cold affect and also a message effect, due to which these inflammations get improvised to a great extent.

If your heel pain is not getting better through the routine things, like pain killers,  cold massages, soft cushions heels, then in those cases we recommend an injection, it’s a very locally active steroid, which is applied in the heels. Please remember it’s a very safe and effective treatment, people should not get scared by it, it’s a little painful, but I always tell my patients that the pain of those 2-3 seconds is better than the day and night pain you are tolerating. So please do not be afraid, if you are not getting a response to the medicines, then please get the injections. 

Plantar Fasciitis causes

And in very rare cases, we need to do surgeries in this if we feel some bone is increased, then we trim it. But most of the time, anti-inflammatories and combined with injection, yes physiotherapy is a very important part if you go to the physiotherapist. So we do that with ultrasonic massage or laser, and plus that is the plantar fascia stretching exercise where our sole is stretched under a very controlled condition. And its exercise is told.

So physiotherapy Combined with Injections works in most of the conditions so stay safe, stay happy, stay healthy and heal under heel not by yourself but by going to your doctor.

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