Recurrent Miscarriage: Causes, Treatment, and Diagnoses

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Dr. Preeti Jindal

Recurrent Miscarriage: Causes, Treatment, and Diagnoses

In this video SimpliHealth expert Gynaecologist Dr. Preeti Jindal is talking about Recurrent Miscarriage and its causes, treatment & diagnoses.

What is recurrent miscarriage? 

This miscarriage happens repeatedly. And a couple is unable to find a solution and unable to understand why this is happening. According to American society, If a woman has consecutively two miscarriages, it is called a recurrent miscarriage. And if a woman is having 3 or more recurrent miscarriages then according to British society, it’s is called a recurrent miscarriage.

Now miscarriage is very very emotionally, financially, and physically traumatic stage for the couple. It is just like a bereavement in the family. 

What Causes Recurrent Pregnancy Loss?

There are many reasons for recurrent miscarriage. Most people think that we will keep on trying until we succeed. However, it has been seen that if one is having a recurrent miscarriage and if not diagnosed and treated correctly, then there is a 70-80 percent chance that one may suffer from this condition again. It is a very common problem. You are not alone in this. 1% of women, meaning one woman out of 100, has a  chance of suffering from recurrent miscarriage. Now, if we look for the reasons. The most common reason for a recurrent miscarriage is the genetic abnormtality in the baby. The baby so formed inside the body is genetically abnormal due to which nature rejects it. In around 30-40% percent of people who suffer from this condition, genetic abnormality is the leading cause in the baby. 

Recurrent Miscarriage diagnoses 

First and foremost, we check in parents having recurrent miscarriages for genetic Karyotyping by taking a blood sample. It is a very simple test, and it is done to check if the parents are carriers of any genetic abnormality or not.  

What is the second important reason for this if a genetic abnormality is ruled out? 

The baby is the foreign body inside the woman. Women’s bodies may develop a tendency to reject the baby, but nature has made such protective mechanisms or shields due to which the women can easily carry the pregnancy. But in a few people, their body is very sensitive, and there is the formation of antibodies which in the next pregnancy obstruct the baby’s blood supply after 6-8 weeks, due to which the baby’s heartbeat is stopped. There are many conditions known as thrombophilia. They may be inherited genetically, or they are acquired after in life. Antiphospholipid syndrome is one such condition that can be identified from blood tests and can be treated.

The reasons for miscarriage depend on the level and the time of of pregnancy, at which stage miscarriage has happened. If it occurred within 12 weeks, genetic abnormality or thrombophilias is the main reason and if it happened after 12 weeks, it depends upon whether the miscarriage is painful or painless. If it is painless, then usually it is the mouth of the uterus, i.e The cervix, is weak, which can be treated by putting a stitch. 

Treatment of Recurrent Miscarriages

If the miscarriage happens in the later stages of pregnancy or baby water is dried, the baby’s growth is not happening. 

So, in that case, the infection could be another cause. Another important reason could be the abnormal shape of the uterus. So depending upon what is the cause, it should be treated. And if we can identify the proper cause, there is a more than 90 % chance that the next pregnancy will be successful. So for this, it is very important to contact a recurrent miscarriage specialist.  

Don’t get disheartened. Get proper investigation and treatment, and I wish you all the best. You will succeed if you do all this and get treatment from the center that deals with recurrent miscarriages patients. Tender love and care is also one of the most important treatment for recurrent miscarriages. I wish you all the best. You can contact me on the website or the phone number given in this video. Thank you

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