Rotator Cuff Injury Symptoms & Causes

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Rotator Cuff Injury Symptoms & Causes

In this video SimpliHealth expert in Orthopaedics Dr. M.S Narula is talking about rotator cuff injury and its symptoms and causes. According to our expert there are 4 muscles around the shoulder that stabilise our tendon and also help in its movement. Our shoulder joint is a ball or socket type of joint. As if you are holding the top ball of a tee, those who play golf will understand it, and there are 4 big muscles in front and on the pitch to move it. These muscles act like a tendon (tendon) when in contact with bone. These tendons also stabilise the shoulder and also speed up karate. 

So when there is any injury inside them, such as swelling in the tendon or it becomes thick (tear) from somewhere, then we call it injury in the shoulder joint.

Rotator Cuff Injury Symptoms

The first symptom is pain, now the pain is also caused by two types: first, it hurts, or as soon as it hurts, and secondly, the pain increases gradually. You have pain in the beginning when you do some activity like taking something from the top of the head or taking your hand in the waist or raising your hand to comb your hair. Even if you are taking a rest, the pain becomes intense. And one of its special things is that the pain gets worse at night. 

Why does rotator cuff injury hurt more at night?

The first reason for this is that because there is no movement in the shoulder, then the muscles become even more rigid. And the second thing is that due to gravity when we are talking in a situation, our muscles get pulled, the bones are also pulled, due to which the pain of this shoulder injury becomes more at night. 

Then it becomes difficult to sleep on that shoulder. And its symptoms are that there are limitations in our activity, such as not being able to comb or getting hands on the waist, muscle weakness, muscle wastage, and sometimes there is a loud noise while doing any work, these are just some of the symptoms. Shoulder injury and as I said it gets worse at night and limits our movements. 

Rotator cuff Injury Causes

It is of two types, one is 

  • Acute
  • Chronic

So there are also risk factors in this. Most of the time it is above 40 years of age. Apart from this, those who do sports, who do the same activity, and those who smoke, it is more common if your shoulder pain is going on for a long time due to age and if it is not treated, which can also be called minor tendonitis. It is said that they grow from partial to complete tear, these are some reasons for our rotator cuff.

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