What is Thyroid & Thyroid problem?

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Dr. Sonal Shrivastava

Thyroid Problem

Today we will be talking about thyroid problems. What is the thyroid gland? And what problems does a thyroid gland has? 

What is the thyroid gland?

Whenever we talk about the thyroid people, just assume that the thyroid is related to obesity issues. So if the lady or a woman is gaining weight, she is suffering from thyroid.  But what people do not know is that the thyroid makes the patient gain weight and an essential hormone gland in the body. So it is, in fact, a vital organ of the body. 

The thyroid gland releases hormones T3 T4, which is called thyroxine. These hormones do not only regulate the weight but the entire metabolism of the patient. They also regulate the heart rate of the person. The menstrual cycles, the reproductive system are all controlled by the hormone released by the thyroid gland. The growth of the babies is also because of the thyroid hormone. So, the thyroid hormone regulates not only weight but also the most critical systems in our body. This is why the thyroid hormone is the most important gland in our body. 

Types of problems: 

The most common issue is called Hypothyroidism.  Hypo means more minor, and hyper means more. So hypothyroidism is when the thyroid gland releases less hormone than necessary, which results in slower metabolism rates. But keep in mind, gaining weight is not the only symptom of hypothyroidism. This misconception leads to misdiagnoses, and the patient may think that they are not gaining weight so they won’t have thyroid issues. But this is entirely wrong. 

Women over the age of 35 are at a very high risk of thyroid problems. Therefore, periodic screening and diagnoses are very important in women over 35, especially if you are experiencing excessive hair fall, irregular periods, feeling tired and lazy, feeling sleepy during the day. This problem is seen more in women does not mean men cannot have thyroid issues.  Young boys and girls,  adults, and even children and newborn babies suffer from hypothyroidism. 

Why do newborn babies have thyroid problems? 

When the baby is in the womb, the thyroid gland fails to develop ultimately, causing the newborn baby to have hypothyroidism. In addition, young children, due to weak immune systems, can suffer from hypothyroidism. 

So people from any age group can suffer from hypothyroidism. Weight gain is not the only symptom of hypothyroidism. But dye skin, hair fall, tiredness are all symptoms of hypothyroidism, and if you experience these, do get a screening for thyroid gone at your earliest. 


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