Squint Eye: Exercises to Treat Squint Eyes

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Dr. Anin Sethi

Squint Eye: Exercises to Treat Squint Eyes

There are specific Exercises to Treat Squint Eyes. The most important thing in squint eye is to provide sufficient light to the eye, to provide the clearest vision possible. Step one is to give correct glasses. Even after getting glasses, the patient can’t see clearly, and the doctor suspects it to be a lazy eye. Then the patient is put on vision or occlusion therapy. 

Occlusion therapy 

The normal eye is covered with a bandage for 6-8 hours each day in occlusion therapy. This forces all the work on the lazy eye and helps its development. This is how occlusion therapy works. 

Vision therapy 

In vision therapy, some technologies have come in now. For example, there are a few computer apps and games. This visual therapy is also called Dichoptic therapy. This is another way of improving the lazy eye. 

Conversion exercises 

The third treatment method is conversion therapy. For the children who experience interval squints, conversion exercises and activities that require focus are suggested. Like, playing games on the phone, reading, coloring, writing, something that the kid shows interest in. This activity strengthens the eye’s muscles and improves control of the eye’s movement and the eye starters to align. 


Lastly, there is a device called Synoptophore, which is available at the clinic. Fusional exercises are performed on a Synoptophore. The child is asked to focus and bring two pictures together. This also improves control over the eyes and helps align the eyes. 

Which therapy of surgery a child should undergo should be decided by an eye specialist after proper diagnosis. In some cases, the child’s condition improves only with glasses and exercise. In other cases, the exercise has no positive effect on the squint. All this is to be decided by an eye specialist. So it is important to consult an ophthalmologist. 

Bottom line 

Whenever you take your child for squint eye treatment, the first step would be to get the correct glasses. The second step, if necessary get vision or occlusion therapy or lazy eye treatment. If all these steps have any positive effect on the eye, only then would the doctor recommend surgery. At what age the operation should be planned is decided by the eye specialist you have consulted. I hope the information that I have provided you today about squint eye will help you. 

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