IRPL therapy treatment for dry eyes

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Dr. Anin Sethi

IRPL Therapy Treatment for Dry Eyes

Hello, I am Dr. Anin Sethi and I will be talking about dry eye therapy today. Mainly we would be focusing on IRPL treatment. IRPL is Intense Regulated Pulsed Light, this is an effective therapy for dry eyes. We would be getting into details further in the video. 

What is dry eye disease?

Dry eye disease is very common and can happen to a person of any age group. Dry eye disease is very common in people who work on their computers, or in people who read a lot, people who work at the parlor, etc. it is common in people who do focus work like sewing or stitching. 

What are the symptoms of dry eye disease? 

After doing any work which requires focus, you may experience itching, redness, burning. sensation in your eyes after an hour. These are all symptoms of dry eyes. 

Dry eye disease basically has dry coarse eyes. 

There can be different reasons for this. 

  • Obstructive dry eye disease
  • Evaporative dry eyes disease. 

Obstructive dry eye disease 

In obstructive dry eye disease mean there is less production of tears which causes the 

eyes to get coarse and dry. 

Evaporative dry eyes disease 

On the other hand, when the eye forms tears, there are glands in our eyelids that secret meibum or oil. This meibum forms a layer over the watery tear layer on the eye. This layer of oil or meibum over the eyes does not allow the water in the eyes to evaporate with the wind. But in some people, either the composition of the oil changes or the meibum secreted is less. And due to this, the underneath watery tear layer of the eye evaporates, causing evaporative dry eyes disease. 

There can be various reasons for this. One is that the openings get blocked due to oil accumulation due to infections in the glands from where meibum is secreted. Which in turn results in less or no secretion of the meibum. 

So the primary cause of evaporative dry eye disease is this blockage and less or no secretion of meibum that allows the watery layer to evaporate. 

Different treatments for evaporative dry eye disease

There are different types of therapy where the patient is given artificial tears. And asked to put a hot compress on the eyelids. There are lid massages that are suggested. All these improve the condition of the patient suffering from evaporative dry eyes. 

(IRPL) Intense Regulated Pulsed Light Treatment

There is a new treatment available for patients who do not feel improvement. It is called Intense Regulated Pulsed Light (IRPL). IRPL is a part of Intense Pulse Light therapy, which was used to treat skin disorders. But now, there is a modified version called IRPL, which is used to treat dry eye disease. 

In this, your lower eyelid is projected to solid pulses of light starting from the nose to the ear. Five pulses are given on the lower lash line. The hemoglobin absorbs these light waves in the affected area. The heat produced due to the light helps melt the clogged oil in the eyelids, unblocking the glands. 

These five pulses are given in one sitting. Almost 3-4 sittings are required for the treatment. 80% of the people experience improvement with this. Along with the laser therapy, the patient is also given artificial tears or other medication that must be continued for the suggested amount of time. 

This therapy requires 3 to 4 sittings to treat the disease completely. IRPL is specifically for patients who suffer from evaporative dry eye disease, i.e., the clogged glands in the eyelids. 

Diagnosis of evaporative dry eye disease

For the diagnosis of dry eye disease, there is a test called a bibliography. Then, the tear film is evaluated and checked for defects, the oil glands are checked for any blockage. And after examining all this, the patient is suggested to get IRPL therapy. 

Bottom line 

I would like to state that this therapy does not cause any harm. It does not have any side effects. A light/laser shield is made on the patient’s eye to prevent the light from entering the eye. This is followed not only for the look but also for the area surrounding the eye. 

70-80% of the patients have been treated successfully using this therapy. No harm or side effects have been reported to date. Lid massage, lubricant, hot compressions can be done along with IRPL therapy. Thank you.

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