Precautions after Cataract Surgery(safaid motia)

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Dr. Anin Sethi

Precautions after Cataract Surgery(safaid motia)

Dr. Anin Sethi, currently practicing at Mirchia’s Laser Eye Clinic, the best Lasik laser center & Eye Specialist hospital in Chandigarh,  shares tips on taking precautions after cataract surgery or safed motia bind.

What is a cataract? 

Cataracts or safed motia can happen due to age, or there are a few other causes. Cataracts cannot be corrected with medications. It can only be cured by surgery.

Cataract surgery has become very advanced with the growing technology. This surgery does not take more than 10-15 mins. It might take longer than this if there are a few complications. But in 90% of the cases, it takes less than 15 mins to perform this surgery. To numb the pain in the eyes, commonly eye drops are used. Or, in some cases, an injection would be given to numb the eyes. After the surgery, the patient’s eyes are kept under a bandage for 2-3 hours. Or sometimes even this is not required. 

The patient is advised not to rub his eyes after the surgery. And avoid letting water in your eyes. These two are the main precautions that the patient has to take. The patient mustn’t let water in his eyes, as it may cause infections. And the cut made for the surgery can open up again if the patient rubs his eyes. Therefore, it is advised that after the surgery, the patient should not rub his eyes and not let water get in his eye for at least four weeks. 

What if the patient wants to take a bath? 

If the patient wants to bathe after the surgery, he should take a bath below the neck. And bend his head backward to wash his hair so that the water does not come on the face and the eyes are protected. When it comes to washing your face or cleaning your eyes, then you can take some cotton, boil it in water and then clean your face and eyelashes gently with it. These precautions should be taken up to four weeks after the surgery. 

When it comes to protection against pollution, it is crucial for the first 4-5 days. After that, the patient can wear black protective sunglasses. The ones which cover and protect your eyes from all directions. These glasses should be worn for a week and then can be removed afterward. 

Is it safe to use mobile phones, laptops and watch TV? 

Yes, it is safe to watch TV and use your phone or laptop.  A few hours after the surgery, the patient can use electronics. Due to the eye drops given after the surgery, the patient may experience blurry vision. But watching TV and using your phone won’t cause any harm. 

Treatment after the cataract surgery: 

After the surgery, the patient is given a few eye drops that are to be taken for a month after the surgery. Antibiotics, steroids, and other medications are given to the patient as well. After 2-3 weeks of the operation, numbered glasses can be given when the eye becomes stable. The doctor can provide temporary Glasses for the time being, but after three weeks, the patient can get tested and get proper glasses for himself. 

If you want to go for cataract surgery, you should know: 

  1. There is nothing to be worried about. 
  2. It is only a 10-15 mins time 
  3. There are no after-effects for this. It may cause a little trouble on the first day, but it does not 

After the surgery, it is barely even noticeable. 

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