Overeating se kaise bache: Stop Overeating(ओवरईटिंग कैसे बंद करें?)

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Guru Manish Ji

Overeating se kaise bache: Stop Overeating(ओवरईटिंग कैसे बंद करें?)

In this video, SimpliHealth ayurvedic expert Acharya Manish Ji is explaining the best ways to stop overeating(ओवरईटिंग कैसे बंद करें?), a method, a system that helps you make your body feel healthier, your organs happy, and help build a healthier nation. Also our expert answers to a very common question that people usually ask “Overeating se kaise bache ” and “How to control overeating in hindi?”.

Tips to stop Overeating


Whenever you go to a wedding or a party, carry a small bag with you.  When you go to eat at a stall, eg. if you eat 2 pani puri, you put the bag, if you go to eat tikki next, put that in the bag as well. As it is. Then you put everything you eat in the bag as well. If you eat one piece of the crispy starter then you put it in the bag as well. You put everything you eat in the bag and make sure you put the same amount of food you ate in the bag as well. Then when it comes to the main course, you take 2-3 sabzi, rice, dal and put the same amount in the bag. Then you eat dessert, ice cream or gulab jamun and then put the same in your bag.  If at the end you eat a paan, you put one paan in your bag as well. 



Now you come home and you feel weird in your stomach. Don’t worry, just look in the bag you had with you. Take a photo of it. Take a closer look at the big bag of food that you filled. The same amount of food is in your stomach as well. But you think that you have functioning organs like the kidneys and liver, the heart. They will work all night to digest the amount of food that you ate at the party. 


Then at night you sleep and wake up the next morning, now what you have to do is to take a look at the bag that you filled yesterday. When you do so, you will notice that the bag of the food starts to smell. It probably would have flies, insects, cockroaches, and mosquitoes around the bag. Looking at the bag you must have an idea of what would be happening in your stomach. 

This is the reason why people in India suffer from liver failure, kidney problems, are on heavy medication for BP, diabetes, or thyroids. This is because we eat, eat, and go on overeating. So let us now decide and start a new resolution. We would think before eating anything at functions or parties. This would not only help you be healthy but it would also help save a lot of food. In a way, you would be contributing to help eradicate hunger. 

What we overlook is organ damage. The average lifespan of an Indian is 66 years, whereas that of the Japanese is 84 years, Singapur is 83 years, 79 years in China, 72 years in America. 

So if you do not want to die at the age of 66, practice this technique. Whenever you go to a party, carry a bag with you. Put the food that you eat in the bag as well. And when you look at the bag after coming home you will understand how hard your organs have to work to digest all the food that you eat. Share this video, show it to your friends and help make India a healthier place. A healthy place is a happy place. And by doing this you would be contributing to making India a better and healthier place to live(eat healthy and stay healthy). 

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