Middle Ear Infection(FAQs)-(Part-1)

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Dr. Raman Abrol
ENT Specialist / otorhinolaryngology

Middle Ear Infection(FAQs)-(Part-1) 

In this video SimpliHealth expert Dr. Raman Abrol answered some important questions related to middle ear infection. Many infections are associated with the ear, but our experts want to talk specifically about middle ear infections. Since it’s a serious matter, it is a severe problem. So it is essential to get treated. Otherwise, there may be complications in the long run.

Many people are curious. Many questions come to me that please tell us about an ear infection. Though ear infections are of many types. It is a common and severe problem. If not treated, there might be further complications or issues. The most common middle ear infection occurs in children between 3- 6 or 7 years. 

Middle Ear Infection Causes

The reason behind this is the nose; generally, there is an infection in the nose. They are allergic children; there are adenoids, blockage in the nose, the occurrence of the common cold is more. So in those children who are having these infections, So these tiny infections can easily travel to the ear. Ear, as you know, is connected with the nose because of the Eustachian tube. There is a small tube that connects the ear to the nose. So in these children, if they have an infection in their nose, it might penetrate the ear. So this is called a middle ear infection.

Middle Ear Infection Treatment

Whatever nose infection they may have in these children may penetrate to the ear. So this is called a middle ear infection. A middle ear infection is treatable by medicine. Glue ears occur when some fluid is left in the middle ear.  In these children, this fluid is needed to drain by doing minor procedures, and a grommet is inserted, which is an air ventilation tube so that air can go from outside into the middle ear. 

The nose problem is prevalent in these children and needs to be addressed, especially adenoids or sinus problems that need to be either surgically or medically treated. In a few children, their drums get perforated due to these infections. Out of them also 20-30 percent of children’s drums are healed.  But in many percentages of children, these perforations persist. So due to middle ear infection, drums are perforated, and due to these perforations, a hole is left in the drum, which may lead to problems in the near future. In these, the most common problem is hearing loss. 

Small children cannot tell about hearing loss, but it indirectly affects them, like they are left behind in classes, feel problems in friends, and have social issues. So intelligent parents can judge their children, and if they have issues, they must visit their doctor.  Drum perforation in these children is repairable. After a certain age, especially at the age of 12-13 years, some procedure is performed because, at that time, the sinus and nose problem subsides.

In many children, adenoids subside, sinus-related infection subsides, so we usually address the perforated drum problems at that stage. This middle ear infection is relatively rare in adults. In maximum cases, the childhood infection has persisted to later stages of age in adults. So in these adult patients who have a middle ear infection or perforated ears, surgery is performed to repair the drum. 

How is this diagnosed?

For middle-clear infection diagnosis, the most important symptoms are due to perforation. First, there is a discharge; a pus discharge is followed by pain and hearing loss. So under these situations, it is essential to seek a doctor to treat it. It can be treated by medicine if it is in a treatable condition, and it doesn’t go to a further perforated stage. In adults also, the examination is simple. By simple analysis, a doctor can detect perforation. A  doctor can check a loss of hearing and even check the amount of loss.  And after treating them thoroughly, the doctor can give complete relief.

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