Middle Ear Infection(FAQs)-(Part-2)

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Dr. Raman Abrol
ENT Specialist / otorhinolaryngology

Middle Ear Infection(FAQs)-(Part-2) 

In this video SimpliHealth expert Dr. Raman Abrol answered some important questions related to middle ear infection.

How can we prevent this middle ear infection in kids or adults?

So my answer for this is if one has a common cold-related infection, then one must get it treated. Don’t leave it untreated. In children, it’s very important to get it treated because the eustachian tube is wide, and the infection may easily penetrate to the ear. So for prevention, if you have a feeling of cold, promptly get it treated so that it doesn’t reach your ear.

The second thing in children is that a good nutritious diet is very important for children. Playing or sitting in the dirt is not a very good thing because they are more prone to nasal or sinus infection in that condition, and this problem may lead to the middle ear. So these are some methods to prevent middle ear infections. 

Can we cover our ears if we have ear infection?

So, in my opinion, if you have a middle ear infection or perforated ear infection,  there is no need for covering. If you have pus discharge, it might not overflow, so in that case, you might cover it with cotton. Otherwise, if you have a middle ear infection, there is no need to cover it. Yes, if you are using water, taking a bath or going swimming, you should avoid that. Water must not penetrate the ear because the water may reach the middle ear. So if the pus is not coming, it might start coming after coming in contact with water which is already not a good sign.

How does middle ear infection spread? Or Are these ear infections contagious? 

Our experts would like to say that the middle ear infection is not contagious because it has a straightforward interaction with Bacterial infection. But viral sinusitis, viral rhinitis, or viral fever are contagious in children. You must have already seen that if viral fever is spread, then if one has a viral fever, all the family has the same. Who stayed with those children they will also have the same. Viral Infections are contagious. So the middle ear infection as such is not contagious. 

Can I travel in the air or high altitude while having a middle ear infection? 

This is an excellent question.  Those people who have a middle ear infection and whose drums are not yet perforated might have their pain while travelling in-plane or ongoing in high altitudes. Due to a change in the pressure, negative pressure is built up in the Middle ear, and if there is an infection, there might be a pain too. Doctors prescribed painkillers for the patients travelling by air so they don’t have pain, mostly while in ascent or descent. So, in that case, they may have pain killers.  You mustn’t have a sinus problem or middle ear problem during your travel because it will cause further damage.

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