Q&A with ENT(Ear Nose & Throat) expert

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Dr. Raman Abrol
ENT Specialist / otorhinolaryngology

Q&A with ENT(Ear Nose & Throat) expert

In this video SimpliHealth ENT(Ear Nose & Throat) expert Dr. Raman Abrol is answering some important questions that people ask. In this, many topics are covered, so let’s see the first question by the patients. He says that he visited his local doctor yesterday as he had had a slight headache and fever for the last two days. The doctor checked my throat and said I’m suffering from COVID.  Apart from this, we didn’t have any conversation, and he asked for a COVID test. 

What are the Symptoms of a new variant of COVID? 

According to our experts, it’s very important we should all know Whatever the variant of COVID, common cold, little sore throat, and slight cough are the common symptoms.  If these continue for a more extended period, and since it’s COVID season, it’s prevalent to have this first doubt. If the patient test comes out to be negative, we can only think about any other diagnosis. The COVID examination has two problems. 

First, it is risky for any doctor, staff, or anyone looking into their throat or nose to take a sample, and number 2, there is no such finding in throat or nose patients of COVID. So even if they examine or not based on the patient’s symptoms, the test is advised, and if it’s coming out to be negative, only we think of another diagnosis.  And if the test is positive, then it’s COVID for sure. During COVID, minimum handling is important as it tends to spread to others, and based on the symptoms; one should get themselves tested. And if in a family you have someone COVID positive and you are also having the same symptoms, you need not get for the test. You should quarantine yourself and treat yourself from  COVID only. 

Tinnitus(Ringing in the Ears)

So the next question is a somewhat different question. It is not related to this.  So he is saying my age is 24. I have ringing in my ears my automeditary is fine. I have visited a lot of ENT doctors but didn’t get relief. What to do?

Our experts think from this question; that this patient has tinnitus. Tinnitus is a ringing sensation in the ear. As you know, 99 %of tinnitus is idiopathic. Experts can’t see any cause. So it’s kind of difficult to treat this condition. And the doctor tells the patient first things about the prognosis that there is no sure short treatment for this.  But there are certain things which can help him. 

There is some medicine that may help but their effect is unpredictable so we can’t promise. Secondly, if it doesn’t get treated by anything, there is some rehabilitation therapy. It is also known that it’s a tinnitus rehabilitation program under which you have to meet the expert and learn about the possible adaptation.  The mind needs to be adapted so that training must be given at rehabilitation. So this is only the treatment.Tinnitus is usually idiopathic and non-treatable.  Now another question comes is 

What could be the reason for suddenly stuffed nostrils? It is making it hard to breathe from one side, especially at night. 

For this question, Our experts would like to answer this if this is a long-term problem from month to year. Our experts would like to recommend this patient to an ENT specialist as most likely this patient is suffering from a deviated bone septum.

Deviated Nasal Septum

Septum bone present in the nose is tilted a little. Or they have obstruction lesions like a polyp or some other problem related to this which whenever the patient lies down at a particular side, irritates him. So for this problem, there is a need for an ENT surgeon for examination, and maybe surgery is needed for treatment. 

How do doctors remove tonsils from adults?

Tonsils are removed surgically. There are different methods available like the cold knife steel method which is an old method almost used for the last ten years. However, it’s used nowadays also in rural areas and semi-urban areas. 

Still, the latest technique named laser or coblation therapy has been used recently. It is prevalent and bloodless surgery is performed via the mouth in which tonsils are removed within 5 minutes. In adults, the same procedure is followed.

Why does the sinus cause pressure in the eye and nose? 

What are Sinuses?

Sinuses are empty spaces in the face, cheeks, forehead, and between the eyes. These empty spaces have a small opening through which the secretion or air circulation happens. So what happens in a sinus infection? These openings get blocked due to swelling, and there is a vacuum. So in these closed spaces, if there is a vacuum, there is a pressure change, so the patient has the symptoms of pressure headache, face pain, and eye pain so these are some symptoms of Sinus Infection.

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