Myth Busting(Part-2): 7 Ear, Nose & Throat Myths

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Dr. Raman Abrol
ENT Specialist / otorhinolaryngology

Myth Busting(Part-2): 7 Ear, Nose & Throat myths

Otorhinolaryngologist Dr. Raman Abrol debunks 7 myths about the ear, nose & throat problems. He will discuss very common questions that people usually ask like; 

  1. How do I clear my throat?
  2. What are the chances of me getting an ear infection?
  3. Can I swim with an ear infection?
  4. I have a sinus infection. I have been advised of sinus surgery. Do they succeed? 
  5. I have a sore throat, and my voice is also hoarse. Is whispering safe? 

Most of these questions are myths or misconceptions and in this video our SimpliHealth expert will answer all of them and clear all the doubts. Let us continue the question-answer round.

How do I clear my throat?(गले से कफ और बलगम को कैसे करें साफ?). And what is the reason for this problem?

Scratchy throat at night, clearing your throat before speaking according to me can have two reasons, as I only have limited information about the problem here.  There can be two reasons. One can have an allergy. Because of which there can be a mucus drip in the nose, and the person has to clear his throat or experiences a scratchy throat. 

The second reason can be acid reflux. This is very common. When the patient has a heavy meal before bed, the content comes up at night, which causes a burning sensation in the throat and scratching in the throat. They might even experience a dry cough.

According to the minimal information, our expert would say that you might have either an allergy or acid reflux. 

What are the chances of me getting an ear infection(कान की इंफेक्शन)

There is more than one type of ear infection. 

  • External ear infection, which happens in the canal. 
  • Infection in the middle ear. 

But the viewer has asked for just a general ear infection. An average person has significantly fewer chances of having an ear infection. But people who have a skin infection have itchy ears and keep scratching their ears; this could be out of habit or have some skin disorder; they are more likely to get an infection. It is more common during winters or rainy seasons. In the winters, because of the itching caused by dryness of the ear. This leads to infections. There are chances of getting a fungal infection in the rainy season because of humidity. 

The prevalence of middle ear infections in normal individuals is low. People who leave their chronic cold or allergies untreated are at risk of getting middle ear infections. The infection from the nose can go up to the ear. But as such, a person who does not have any allergies or skin diseases has no chance of getting an ear infection. 

Can I swim with an ear infection? 

Swimming would not be the right choice if you have an ear infection because your ear or skin infections can worsen. The person can get a middle ear infection, or holes in the drums can get infected.  So swimming when you have an ear infection is not advisable. So our expert will advise you to stay away from it even while taking a bath. 

My baby has a stuffy nose(बंद नाक). He sleeps with his mouth open. He doesn’t have nasal breathing. What should we do? 

According to our experts, this baby could be having some allergies. And due to these allergies, the baby can have swollen nostrils or a blocked nose. If the baby is an infant, 8 months, 1 year, or 1.5 years, we suggest saline nasal drops. This should be used frequently. This can solve the problem. 

Baby’s older than 2 or 3 should be given anti-allergy medication, medications, nasal saline drops if they test out to be allergic. Using all these remedies will help your baby’s stuffiness. 

I have a sinus infection. I have been advised of sinus surgery. Do they succeed? 

If you have chronic sinusitis and have symptoms like runny nose, postnasal drip, blocked nose, headaches, and you have these symptoms continuously for a month. Sinus surgery can prove effective for you. 

If your sinus surgeon is an expert and the equipment is used correctly, this sinus surgery can prove very helpful. With this surgery, your sinus can be cured, or the symptoms could get very mild. 

In expert hands, sinus surgery is very good and is very successful. 

I have frequent ear infections. Can I travel in airplanes or go to high-altitude palaces? 

During ear infections, you should avoid air travel. As the pressure changes, or during the landing and take off, the person would feel acute pain. We have also had cases where the ear would bleed during take-off or landing. 

So ear infections have a chance of bleeding. And in some patients with active infection, there is a chance of ear rupture due to negative pressure. So our expert advice is that you should not travel by air if you have an ear infection.

Same with high altitude travel. People with an active ear infection should not travel to high altitudes. And people who have a tendency or have problems should also avoid going to these places. People with a sinus infection, like viral or swelling in the nostrils, have a chance of getting an ear infection. Because the pressure is low and the eardrum is sucked in. This could cause pain, a blocked ear, or even an ear infection. 

So people with an ear infection should avoid air travel or high altitude places. 

I have a sore throat, and my voice is also hoarse. Is whispering safe? 

According to our ENT expert, if your throat is temporarily not well, and your voice is also hoarse, so not speaking and resting your voice for 2-3 days would be best. Whispering is of no help. If it is necessary to talk, you should speak in your normal voice rather than whispering. Whispering a lot could also hurt your voice. Therefore voice rest is advisable.  And then after 2-3 days, when your voice comes back, try and talk in a normal voice. Whispering does not help but complicate it further. 

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