Deviated Septum(नाक की हड्डी टेढ़ी होना) : Symptoms & Treatment

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Dr. Raman Abrol
ENT Specialist / otorhinolaryngology

Deviated Septum(नाक की हड्डी टेढ़ी होना) : Symptoms & Treatment

In ENT practice, we see a very common problem that bothers the youngsters and the middle-aged, i.e., the Nasal Bone Curve. It is also termed as Deviated Nasal Septum(नाक की हड्डी टेढ़ी होना)

Deviated Nasal Septum Symptoms (नाक की हड्डी टेढ़ी होने के लक्षण)

The most common symptom of a deviated septum is a nasal blockage. It is seen mostly in youngsters, and it bothers them a lot. It also affects the quality of sleep, as it causes mouth breathing and snoring. 

Besides this, there are other problems that can be associated with this like chronic sinus infections and viral allergies. These allergies convert to bacterial sinusitis and take longer to cure. The nasal block in the patient is persistent. 

Many patients come to us with allergic rhinitis. These patients, to an extent, also have DNS. These patients usually present with mild symptoms like nasal block and runny nose. These patients are suggested to get surgery to treat their allergies, which is not true. Because it is a primarily allergic disorder and DNS does not contribute to it much. 

Deviated nasal septum Treatment (नाक की हड्डी का इलाज)

Deviated nasal septum only causes nasal blockage. And it also causes the sinus to linger on for longer. Some patients experience postnasal drip, and in such cases, deviated nasal septum plays a role, in the treatment of Deviated nasal septum Treatment (नाक की हड्डी का इलाज), A small surgery is suggested to such patients, as medications can’t cure this. This surgery is usually done in 30 mins with the patient under anesthesia. This can cure nasal blockage and also lessen frequent sinus infections. 

Sportspeople usually have problems like heavy breathing, stamina issues, mouth breathing, etc. So we advise a small surgery to improve their condition. Also, at times singers, musicians suffer from nasal twang or breathing problems which can be corrected. This surgery is painless surgery, and the recovery time is only a week.

Bottom line 

The patient should not hesitate. The patient must go to an ENT doctor. The deviated nasal septum, nasal blockage, and frequent sinusitis can be easily treated with a small surgery. 

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