Side Effects of Using Earphones for Long a Time

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Dr. Raman Abrol
ENT Specialist / otorhinolaryngology

Side Effects of Using Earphones for a Long Time

A very important topic that needs addressing, especially seen from the last two years, is the usage of mobiles and laptops as everything has become online. Everyone is home, schooling, businesses, working, lectures, conferences, meetings, everything is happening online from home. 

We should be concerned about the harmful effects of this excessive online status on our bodies. 

We will go organ by organ. Sitting on your laptops, working from home can cause muscle atrophy or muscle loss. The lack of exercise or movement is causing degeneration. People are suffering from cervical spondylitis, cold, and cough. People also suffer from dry eyes as they are constantly looking at the computer screens. Dryness of eyes, cervical spondylitis, backache, some people may also experience dizziness. All these issues are avoidable by sitting in an incorrect posture. 

Let’s talk about ears also, as most people use earplugs. Some may use a Bluetooth device. 

How are Bluetooth devices harmful? 

Using Bluetooth devices or talking directly into the phone exposes you to harmful electromagnetic radiation. Some of you may be aware that exposure to excessive electromagnetic radiation can cause memory loss, loss of brain cells, etc.  And these continuous radiations may also affect your ears. It may cause nerve deafness which is not treatable. We have seen patients come in with such problems. Usage of earplugs can cause damage to the ear screen, itching, and puss in the ear, collection of ear wax. In addition, people who are allergic to rubber should be extra careful while choosing earphones or whether to use them or not. 

Doctors advice 

My advice to people who have to work online all day is to take little breaks in between. For example, take a short walk every 2 hours, take 10 mins breaks in between, do a few neck and back exercises. You can also do a little stretching. 

Besides this, one should also get in the habit of doing regular exercise or walking. To maintain proper blood circulation and clotting of blood i.e. Thrombosis, DVT, etc. All these can be avoided if you take small breaks in between and exercise regularly. 

One of the things you can do is talk on speakerphone if you want to save yourself from electromagnetic radiation. This is the least harmful way but is very necessary. If that happens to be important Then one should use wired earphones. You can choose the material of your choice, which suits you. 

You should keep your ears clean, and keep your earphones clean too. You can clean them with spirit. I would suggest not use these devices continuously for a long time. If necessary, you should use it for a maximum of 30 mins to 1 hour and then take a break. After that, switch to wired earphones for a while. All these suggestions are for the protection of your ears. 

Protection of your eyes

When it comes to protecting your eyes, I suggest you put an anti-glare screen on your laptops and phones. In addition, there are lubricating, moistening eye drops available that can help with the dryness of the eyes. Also, taking a break from the screen and just moving around would be very helpful. 

Psychological effects

Patients who do not go out of the house and stay in all day can suffer from depression. In addition, there are other psychological problems that a person suffers from. For example, the person is irritated, has family issues, marital problems, all these things are to be taken into consideration. 

Bottom line

 If you are working from home, you should 

  1. Take small breaks in between. 
  2. Go on walks, and exercise regularly
  3. Mediate 
  4. Try to bring change in the environment

This can save you from the ear, eye, and psychological problems. Thank you. 


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